ABKJ was founded on leading the industry in structural engineering that deliver on performance and economy. Our engineers are pro active team members defining design challenges with in investigative process that leads to innovative structural solutions and goals of sustainability stewardship. ABKJ is well versed in Reinforced Conventional Concrete, Post Tensioned Concrete, Structural Steel, and Wood systems. We present multiple structural alterantives and combination of systems for client evaluation to meet project goals, budgets, and schedules.

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SERVICES:                                                            SECTORS:

Structural Steel                                    High Rise                     Offices

Precast                                                 Hospitality                   Mixed-Use

Post Tensioned                                    Institutions                   Garages

Wood                                                   Healthcare                    Retails

Top-Down Construction                      Data Centers                 Residential

Transportation                                     Aviation                        Industrial


 Manyata Tech Park, Phases IV and V Augusta Office ComplexWest Seattle Swing Bridge