Embassy Tech Village 7B

ETV 7B is a precast structure that consists of an office and a multi level car parking (MLCP) building. The office building has 2 basements, GF, and 10 stories. It has base dimensions of approximately 127 m in length and 92 m in width. The MLCP building consists of 2 basements, GF, and 11 stories. It has base dimensions of approximately 101 meters in length and 32 meters in width. ETV 7B is a project that has been designed to make it work as a precast project. The main requirement for a building plan to ensure precast constructability is standardization which has been achieved in this project by ensuring that the office block is mirrored on either side of the central core. The precast elements consist of precast columns, beams, hollow core slabs (HCS), and a double wall system which serves as the lateral resisting system.